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Success Stories from Bootstrap Consulting

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

By July 2020, more than half the world was using social media, and with the business world shutting down in response to Covid, businesses began accelerating investment in low-cost, him-impact digital marketing. Most marketing tools offer a trade-off between efficiency and effectiveness. At a time when businesses were constrained like never before, digital marketing offered the holy grail of both greater efficiency and effectiveness. Because the cost of digital is so low, it offers a highly democratic opportunity for small- and medium-sized businesses to reach and attract customers that might previously have been captured by companies with 8- and 9-figure TV advertising budgets.

Bootstrap Consulting was launched in August 2020 with the goal of helping small businesses exploit the potential of social media. Whether their clients’ goals are to increase their online following, grow their brand awareness, jump-start customer engagement, deepen customer relationships, gain a foothold in traditional free media, attract the interest of potential investors, or grow sales, Bootstrap has been helping to accelerate their success.

Two of Bootstrap’s clients illustrate the power of social media engagement. For an investment of less that $250 in advertising spend, Bootstrap recently helped both companies generate more than 50,000 web and account views. The following client experiences highlight the power of digital marketing and the value of partnering with Bootstrap to help grow your company.

Wedding Planner Frank Andonoplas of Frank Event Design hired Bootstrap in October to modernize his website and update and manage his social media. Bootstrap fortified the company’s social media posts with SEO-rich content to significantly enhance the company’s selected keyword search rankings, leading the New York Times to contact Frank for an interview. This is a common example of both the efficiency and effectiveness of digital marketing. With a limited investment to update its social media SEO and SERP strategy and regular social media posting, Frank Event Design extended its reach and following, obtained free media coverage, and drove additional traffic to its website.

One of Bootstrap’s anchor clients, Forthright Winery in Napa, California, engaged Bootstrap to help increase its following on Instagram. Within 4 months, through management of Forthright’s daily posts, Bootstrap increased the winery’s number of Instagram followers by more than 16 times to 1,250, including one very prominent industry big wig: Ernest and Julio Gallo wineries. During the five-month period from September 2020 to February 2021, Forthright’s Instagram impressions increased by 20X, users by 18X, and views by 70X. Today, Forthright is trending on Trip Advisor as one of the Top Things To Do in Napa County.

Atwood & Co., a custom luxury hardwood home décor and furnishing company headquartered near Detroit, sought out Bootstrap to help redesign its website to include an online shop, allowing Atwood to directly sell its products to the consumer for the first time. While Atwood continues to use a variety of sales channels including a small direct sales force and its original online sales platform, Etsy, the ability to directly sell to the customer increases Atwood’s profitability for a large proportion of sales by eliminating the middle-man. With the e-commerce site up and running, Bootstrap took over management of Atwood’s social media presence and Instagram followers tripled for the month ending February 12. Bootstrap continues to manage Atwood’s social media presence with the goal of driving additional sales through the Atwood website.

Shelly Carbone, the founder of Doll Heads salon, opened her businesses in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood after being laid off from the Haircuttery when the business was shut down by Governor Pritzker in response to Covid. After acquiring, renovating, and decorating a new commercial space with her wife Sara, Shelly opened at less than 50% capacity as required by the Governor’s executive order. She relied heavily on her network of prior customers and word of mouth to drive traffic to the new salon. Bootstrap jumped in to create a social media presence for Doll Heads generating local excitement for the new business and creating a new channel through which potential customers could book appointments. Several months on, in a saturated local market, Doll Heads is the #1 non-paid ad result on Google for Shelly’s selected keyword searches. Today, Doll Heads is successfully running at the maximum, though still reduced, capacity allowed by the State of Illinois and City of Chicago, and Shelly looks forward to the day restrictions will be lifted and she can finally operate at the full potential generated by her social media marketing.

Stay tuned as we’ll share more customer experiences and success stories during the course of 2021.

For more information on how to have digital marketing successes with your business, contact us at info@bootstrap-consulting.com or visit us at www.bootstrap-consulting.com

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